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    Life is a challenging journey that can be wonderful, but at other times, leave our mind, body, and spirit out of balance. At times when doctors give up for treating any incurable disease like Cancer or organ failure or imbalance in any part of the body, we often feel anxious and stressed and need a helping hand to calm our mind and to feel better.

    Through offering Bhaktamar Distance Rapid Healing treatment, we endeavor to treat the causes of these energy imbalances to help empower you to heal on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, so that you can discover inner peace, happiness and freedom to be your natural, amazing self. Our healing treatment is designed to heal and cleanse on a deeper, emotional level, this cycle of three treatments allows time for things that need healing to come to the surface, to then be treated, in a delicate and supportive way.

    Healing that can be done remotely from any part of the world is called Distance healing. In distance healing we do the healing from our place, the patients does not need to come at our place, the profit of distance healing is that any of our healer can do the healing from his/her place. Remote healing is especially useful when there are physical or geographic considerations. If you are sick, bedridden, or would rather not leave your home for some reason. Distant healing can support the spiritual wellness and healing process. Best of all you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. Or, if you live far away from a well known expert spiritual healer you trust, distant healing provides an alternative way to support healing beyond the limits of your location.

    Similar to the physical body which takes in food for nourishment, the energy body takes in energy via the aura, which is broken down by the chakras and distributed throughout the body via the meridians. Moreover, energy vibrates at different speeds or frequencies, creating a field of pulsations or vibrations which can be sensed, perceived, or felt through touch. The body, mind, emotions, and spirit each vibrate at particular frequencies or speeds.

    More Benefits of Distance Healing/ remote energy-based healing include:

    Stage 1: Shines a light on individual concerns

    Stage 2: releases blocks and clears chakras to heal

    Stage 3: balances out healing energies, unites the treatment

    Stage 4: Full aura healing and raising vibrations.

    Stage 5: Luck to attract money, success, carrier path, business luck

    Stage 6: Healing for uneasiness, gloom and misery

    Stage 7: Sexual vitality healing if necessary.

    Stage 8: Healing for relationship issues.

    Stage 9: Healing for addiction, bad habits

    Stage 10: Luck for getting married

    Stage 11: Luck to have children.

    Stage 12: Healing for bad dreams.

    Stage 13: Weight increase or misfortune issues.

    Stage 14: House cleansing from negative vibrations.

    Stage 15: Full protecting of your energy field.

    We combine Sound Healing through mantras with the different healing techniques of healing like Reiki. You may be uncertain of your life path and need assistance in achieving your goals, we can help. Everything is connected, electromagnetically. We are all One.

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