Bhaktamar Shloka is a gem of devotional literature. This incessant stream of devotion for the first Tirthankar Adinath can make a devotee immortal.

The author of Bhaktamar Shloka, Acharya Shri Mantunga was a missionary monk as well as eminent scholar.

It is said that king of Avanti, Vriddha Bhoj, had chained and imprisoned the Acharya out of curosity to witness some miracle. He was kept in a dark cell. It was possible to come out of cell only after crossinng 48 doors. Each door was chained and locked.

He was told by the king if he had enough faith in Lord Adinath then he should use his power of faith to come out of it. The Acharya remained in meditation for three days and on the fourth morning composed this panegyric in honour of Lord Adinath. The moment he chanted the first couplet the chains and shackles of first door were gone. Likewise, he chanted 48 couplets and all the 48 doors opened one by one.

After chanting 48 couplets he walked out of the prison as a free man. The incident astounded the king. He became a staunch devotee of the Acharya and Lord Adinath. Indeed,miracle has tremendous influence.