It is a Drugless Therapy, with special reference to Bhaktamar Stotra. It is a prayer of devotion to Lord Adinatha, Jaina Prince APOLLO, the First Teerthankar of Jainismm. Bhaktamar's each shloka has a solution to problem faced by human being in day to day life, if chanted with full faith.

Bhaktamar Mantra Healing is the magical gateway to cure so-called incurable diseases like cancers, kidney problems, heart and lung diseases, chronic skin problems, mental illness and addictions, and much more.

i. Chanting of 48 Shlokas with full devotion and concentration. ii. Concentration on 48 Yantras. iii. A sprinkling of holy water of Yantra on the forehead and eyes after doing Abhishek (bath) of Yantra. iv. Reciting 48th Mantra 108 times daily with either cloves or almonds or Akshat (rice). v. Organising a Vidhan on 7th or 21st day by reading all 48 Verses, Mantras and Riddhi.

Explore the flight of your own wings and attain health, wealth, and happiness through the power of Bhaktamar Stotra.