Bhaktamar Mantra Healing is the magical gateway to cure so-called incurable diseases like cancers, kidney problems, heart and lung diseases, chronic skin problems, mental illness and addictions, and much more.

The process is as follows: Chant 27 times Shloka, 108 times Riddhi, 108 times Mantra facing North East Direction. Keep the Bhaktamar Copper Yantra in front of you & do the Abhishek of it. Afterwards drink the water else apply water on affected parts of body till abdominal part for 21 days.

Sholka should be chanted at least 9 times, followed by mantras 108 times and RIDDHI 108 TIMES. The most IDEAL TIME IS BEFORE SUNRISE [between 4.30- 6.15 am] also known as BRAHMA MUHURAT. Chanting bhaktamar in Brahma muhurat is the best time of all day as all the positive energies are present at that time.

Shloka Number 45 is the key to the whole Bhaktamar and helps all people who are suffering from dreadful deadly diseases and are deeply depressed, dejected, hopeless, and feel that life is not worth living.

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