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Vaastu Consultation

vaastu consiltation

We offer Residential Vaastu, Resort, Industrial Vaastu, Mandir Vaastu, Office, Shop Vaastu, etc. Our team provides proper detail like the size of the plot, dimensions of the plot, and Direction of the plot with full scrutiny and examination. We also make complete Sites according to the 16 Direction rule of Vaastu. Our Vaastu services include:
• Site consultation
• Griding of the site
• Balancing 45 Devtas
• Balancing Activity
• Utility
• Objects in 16 Directions of Vaastu
• Balancing Marma Sthan
The projects we have been taking on are very successful. For example, a Steel Factory in Delhi was in a heavy loss in 2019 and now the owner of That factory has opened 5 factories in Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Surat, etc.
Site consultation involves Land energy checking, examining directions, checking if the plot direction is favorable for the Owner with the help of Astro Vaastu, checking if there is any disturbance around the site, etc.
You can view our Vaastu case studies

Numerology Analysis

numerology analysis

The numerology administrations incorporate the singular’s life reason as well as an individual’s assets and shortcomings of character.
The shorter periods and summits of a person’s life could be calculated in numerology.
Birthday year, month, and day of one’s birth comprise the manners in which one picks the difficulties gets from the birth date.
An individual’s numerological numbers can be a day-to-day existence guide” helping you to prepare for the experience you have to face. In numerology, one can work out the general life way numbers like Luck number, Master Numbers, Soul Numbers, and Angel Numbers.
One of the most fascinating aspects of numerology is that the readings are all based on the time you entered the universe in your human form. From your birth.
So whether you like your name or not, or when your birthday sits in the year, all of it has a meaning.

Astrology Consultation

astrology consultation

We have earned appreciation from the clients for providing accurate and effectual Astrology Services. Our service helps one to improve their married life, career, studies, business, stock market, etc. If you are looking to consult an Astrology expert who can interpret your birth chart (horoscope), identify the problem and positive areas, and suggest remedies to mitigate the impact of your problems, then you can trust us.

We provide the following services related to horoscopes:
• Calculation of your Horoscope as per proven astrology principles.
• Detailed and accurate predictions with their remedial measures.
• Prediction for various astrological yogas.
• Calculations based on specific questions.
• Monthly and Annual Prediction.
• Calculation of Fortunate and Unfortunate Periods of Life.
• Matrimonial Match.
• Muhurt for special purposes and day-to-day activities.



Annant World Team has been doing and teaching Reiki services to our clients and it has been observed that whether he/she wanted improvement in their married life, career, studies, business, court case, depression, anxiety, or any health problem Reiki has worked perfectly and have cured them.
Reiki is a Japanese word for Cosmic healing energy. It is an ancient form of Tibetan Healing (lay-on-hands healing technique) rediscovered in the late 1800s by Dr. Mikao Usui (an allopathic Physician & Surgeon) of Japan. It is a very simple yet powerful technique that can be learned and practiced by anyone.
Reiki (pronounced as ‘ray-key’) is a type of divine, pure and positive energy. Reiki is also now proven by Medical Sciences, one such example is by Medical News Today

Reiki is a form of complementary therapy relating to energy healing. Proponents say that it works with the energy fields around the body and involves the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner’s palms to the client.
We also teach Reiki through the medium of online apps to all over the world so that this precious, yet powerful technique does not end and can be carried further. To enroll in our course you can check the dates here

4 simple rules of Reiki:-

• ATTRACT Dream Career, Wealth, Abundance & Goal.
• CURE Diseases, Relationships, Problems, Psychic Attacks & Ill-fate (Evil)
• DEVELOP Unshakeable Confidence, Personality, Mental & Psychic Powers.
• AWAKEN Kundalini, Hidden Potential, Ultimate Truth (The Enlightenment) & the Divine Purpose of Life.

Reiki Bhaktamar Mantra Distance Healing

Reiki Bhaktamar Mantra Distance Healing

Anant World is the first Bhaktamar clinic holding a network of the Largest Distance Healing Groups. It is probably the largest center in the world where the highest number of successful distance healings are performed through mantras and other healing techniques for all health and other problems of life.

Annant World’s unparalleled distance healing has saved thousands of lives, businesses, and relationships and solved other personal problems.

We do Distance healing by combining the major forms of Techniques such as Bhaktamar, Reiki, Mantra Chanting, Crystal Healing, Dowsing, etc. We have a team of 15 people each a person, minimum of 3 sessions are done but if the patient is having surgery or the body is very weak then no. of sessions can be increased.

You can contact us for more details regarding Reiki Bhaktamar Mantra Distance Healing. There are countless case study and research which proves the effects of Reiki Bhaktamar Distance Healing.

According to a past survey conducted by the National Institutes of Health, right up arrow 1.2 million adults and 161,000 children in the United States had received energy healing therapy like Reiki in the previous year and more than 90 percent of people benefited from it. Reiki is now used by a growing number of Americans to help with relaxation, anxiety, pain management, and depression.

As we can see in the above data, even medical websites are proving the positive side of this technique. We too have countless success stories on Reiki Bhaktamar Mantra Distance Healing. Some of them can be seen here.

Crystal Ball Gazing

crystal gazing

Crystal ball gazing is an ancient and famous technique used from times immemorial to study the future and help with decision-making regarding someone’s current situations and problems.

Crystal Ball gazing is an occult science. It is used to look into the present, the past if required and the future of a person.

Crystal ball Gazer gives replies to your questions by gazing at the crystal ball in a very peaceful environment. It is most commonly associated with the image of gypsies and dimly lit rooms with a large crystal ball placed in the center.

Spiritual leaders have crystal balls gazed at throughout the centuries as a means to enter a meditative state. When you are in a trance, you can channel visions and messages from the higher spirit.

The act of gazing into a translucent or reflective surface is called scrying. Scrying became widespread by the 5th century AD. In this technique, the crystal ball is like a door through which we can gain access to our subconscious mind. So what we look in the crystal ball, is the image of our subconscious mind.

Past Life Regression

past life regression

Past lives have helped some unlock trauma, explain anxiety, and even give context to a disease they are living with today. Say what?
Annant world has the best team to assist you to see your past life.

Almost all of our problems are connected to past life karma. Past life regression resolves all issues related to disease, finance, and relationships.

We offer Past life regression therapy in our clinic which is a complete treatment that actually works with the body, brain, feelings, and soul.

Through this therapy, you would be able to know the reason the ‘Why’ behind the problem, and the ‘How’ to solve that problem.

We have numerous examples of people that were in Depression, Anxiety and by undergoing this therapy, seeing the mistakes they did in their past, and how can they cure it, they come out as a Gem.

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