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COVID Patients Got Recovered Due To Distance Healing

In June 2020 My dad (Ramnik Lal) was in his 4th stage of brain cancer. and this cancer has recurred 4th time. First in 2008, the second time in 2010, Third time in 2012. And now after 8 years, it has recurred again. But this time in a very aggressive form. He is suffering and completely bedridden for the last 6 months. He has stopped eating, talking, memory issues and for the last 3 months, he was in ICU on a ventilator. Doctors say they can’t do much. His brain had also stopped working and the doctor at that time told us to take him home. But we hadn’t lost hope and know he will be better soon! One day when I visited his tears were flowing from his eyes because of pain. He was not even recognizing us. People who say COVID is nothing are completely wrong. Jisko hota hai usi ko pata hota hai. When in September he started opening his eyes, his condition was getting better but then COVID attacked him. Covid was so strong on his body that his lungs stopped working, he was not able to digest anything at that moment. My Tai’s Son (Pritam) living in Bangalore was in touch with Pradeep Ji through zoom classes that they took in mid-2020. Pritam also did my dad’s healing as he had also learned Reiki from Pradeep Ji. Bt he also failed to do healing then he called Pradeep Ji and asked if any help could be done. He contacted Pradeep Ji directly as I was too much broken from inside that I could not even sleep properly at night. September passed away, in October-Mid something miracle happens My dad regain his lie. Suddenly his lungs started working and his digestive system also started working. I personally called Pradeep Ji at 6 is in the morning to tell him this great news. I don’t know how my belief in Universal Energy and Bhaktamar increased and after like 6 months I bought a Bluetooth speaker which we used to connect through form and played Bhaktamar full day and night. Doctors and Medical staff were shocked to see that any person who has been diagnosed with cancer 4 times side by side Covid also is recovering. Pradeep Ji was calling me 2 times a day to motivate me/ my family and also for knowing Papa’s health. Pradeep sir’s used to saying this to me to encourage me:- जाको राखे सईंया मार सके ना कोय। ईश्वर की राह पे चलनेवाले की हार कभी ना होय| God knows how but dad has regained and has fought from COVID, Cancer and medicines side effect. Although his healing is still going as we do not want to take any risk now. Thank you, sir, you are a Doctor, Healer, Astrologist, Guider, Teacher, I am having no more words to describe you.


My Mom, Yogita Desai is 72 and since Last year she has been unwell. In February 2020 she Had a rheumatoid Arthritis flareup which took about two months to cure. Then in May 2020, she started limping a bit and one fine day she couldn’t walk. With the further test, we came to know that she has a tibia fracture For which we were seeking treatment. We were informed when this Gets cured We will have to go through A knee replacement surgery. On the 20th of May, 2020 mum got a few tests done for her knee replacement during which the results showed a few abnormalities. The next day a biopsy was carried out and a bone scan and we were informed that mum has stage three breast cancer. She has now started chemotherapy and has taken two sessions so far. She has been asked to take 16 chemo sessions after which if the tumor has been minimized they will perform surgery and then she will have to go for radiation therapy for a month, 6 minutes each day from Monday to Friday. In between when her 14th session was done, mom was feeling low oxygen and high fever. We felt that it might be due to surgeries performed. The day by day his oxygen level also decreased she had now started taking more and more oxygen per day. The doctor advised a COVID test. Unfortunately, her taste came positive. We were now totally broke and had thought that now she would not be able to survive as she had received too many surgeries, chemo, radiation, and pills. My bua Ji from Miami, Florida contacted Prriya Ji as I was not in a state of contacting her. My bua Ji asked Prriya Ji to start the session and within a week his oxygen level increased she was consuming lesser oxygen and her fever also reduced. Days passed by now I contacted Prriya on my personal basis and started talking to her frequently. She is just awesome, I mean she also motivated me not to lose hope. Her one of the most famous dialogue:- “Jab Tak Saas Hai Tab Tak Aas Hai” and “Bacha jab gir jaata hai toh uske parents usko encourage Karte hai ki yes you can do it aap apne legs par chal sakte hai, isi tara jab Hamari life me koi problem aaye to hume use Darna Nahi Balki uski aakho me dekhkar use bhagana hai” She is a Teacher, Guider, Healer and many more, I am not having enough words to describe her. It’s been almost a year now and my mother has recovered from COVID, cancer, arthritis, and tibia fracture also. Thank you so so so much, Prriya Ji!

Sarita Desai
~Los Angels

In December 2020
My mother (Manju shah 67) suffered a high fever. For few days we thought it is just viral. After few days we went to the doctor for a quick checkup. The doctor immediately asked us to admit her to the hospital. Her pulse was also exceptionally low. She is Diabetic and a Heart Patient. Tests were done in the hospital (Seven Hills Hospital Andheri East, Mumbai), unfortunately, her COVID test came positive. The doctor started by giving Ramdesivir Injection which is amazingly effective for fever according to doctors. She consumed over 60 L of Oxygen. The doctor also did a CT scan and many other tests like sugar, BP, Cholesterol, etc. As I was also quarantined after knowing that she is positive, I talked to her on a video call with the help of a nurse.

In Mid-January, she lost her hope, she was extremely looking week. We are 4 brother sisters and thought of Samadhi for her at one moment. We realized that we should now surrender ourselves to Mahavir Swami. I got connected to Prriya Ji in their Zibu Symbol Course. Finally, I realized to call Prriya Ji at 11 Pm, hopefully, she picked up the call, she talked to four of us for like 2 hrs. She also gave her opinion on Samadhi for her and asked for starting healing session. She started her healing session in the morning.

I remember her words “Jab Tak Saas Hai Tab Tak Aas Hai”. Touchwood, it’s been 2.5 months and my mother is at home, she has recovered a lot. It was a time where we lost our hope, but all thanks to Prriya Ji for investing her time in us!
Thanks, Annant World, Thanks Prriya Ji, Thank God. Aap ko bahut bahut anumodhna!

My name is Archana Agarwal from Pune. I am an IAS officer. I was suffering from Backache and pain in my leg joints for a lot of time. I was going on the medication process also. Initially, when I was facing these problems I also got to know that I am COVID Positive. After knowing this I lost my hope and confidence. I can’t believe at that time that I got COVID as I was taking a lot of prevention. It was very bad news for me. My body pain was also increasing day by day, oxygen problem, high fever, etc. My sister Aparna (Living in Kenya) was scrolling on google to know how to get relief from pain as I was already taking a lot of medicines. She got to know about one of Prriya ji’s Videos on 45th shloka of Bhaktamar. She contacted Prriya Ji and asked for healing if it could be done. Their team started the healing after 3 to 4 days, My body pain was a little bit low and my fever was also normal. I took them for like 3 months (approx.) and now I have recovered fully from COVID and My Backache pain which I was used to experiencing earlier. The side effects of medicines also vanished from my body.


~Archana Agarwal IAS

Hey, Yogi Jain (Banglore) Recently my father got recovered from COVID. On December night my father’s lungs were not working properly, he was not able to breathe properly also his breathing was very fast than usual. We admitted him into Fortis Hospital as rapidly as was possible. We waited till morning when the doctor came, he told us that his lungs are not working properly and surgery should be done to save him. My father went through surgery, he was given 1 month’s rest in the hospital, when he was getting discharged the day before his condition suddenly gone wrong. The doctor advised for COVID Test. His reports came the next day unexpectedly he was covid Positive. His lungs were already weak at that time and then COVID also came. We all were shocked. Finding no solutions, the doctor just gave him oxygen and oxygen. I don’t know but how I got recommended 45TH Shloka Of Bhaktamar By Bhaktamar Mantra Healing. I called Pradeep Ji’s no. and begged for help. He no time-wasting asked me to send details of dad and Current photo. After 2 hrs, the supply of oxygen given to my father reduced. I and My mother also chanted 45th shloka for him. I remember one thought of Pradeep Ji:- “Apne liye chant mat Karo, sabke liye chant Karo, agar hum apne liye selfish ho Kar Nahi chant Karte hai to the whole universe Hamara sath deta hai”. This sentence motivated me a lot and we kept on chanting and chanting shloka in the lobby. His treatment started in January mid and it’s April now my father has returned home perfectly. His healing is going on as the doctor has prescribed some safety measures. I will recommend you all, ask them for healing not only for yours but If anyone around you is in need. If you help others help will surely come back to you at the right time.

Thank you Sir and Team for helping me in that difficult time

I (Vaishali Panpaliya from Fujian, China) am a karma-fearing person, had never practiced any Mantras in my life before. That was until my dearest brother introduced me to the powerful Bhaktamar Stotra & Reiki by Dr. Prriya Jain, who is helping people across the world heal through the power of Mantras.
In January 2020 my mother has diagnosed with Stage 2 Cancer and had to undergo surgery immediately. The surgery was gone peacefully. Everybody was relaxed till we got the news in April 2020 that she has also been detected COVID. The doctor said that her chance of survival is very low as COVID affects our immunity and as she was having a very low immunity due to Surgery, Cancer, and Chemo. In a panic I called my brother, On hearing me out, He did not panic as I did, but rather very confidently assured me that this can be fixed. He forwarded me the Prriya ji’s number. I called her and explained what happened, she told me how miraculous the 17th and 45th shlokas are, and how these mantras have helped others also. She started Distance Healing for her. I don’t know how or why, but every word she told me left an impact on my mind. And from that day onwards, I started chanting mantras for my mother and taking healing for my mother. This all happened very quickly.
We started our day listening and sometimes chanting the mantras and kept the mantras playing in the background so that each cell in her body could absorb the powerful vibrations of the mantras and help her get better. This was our daily routine.
We met doctors, followed their advice, took all medications as directed, and let them do their part. At the same time, we made Bhaktamar Stotra a daily part of our life and asked God for his blessings. One after another, miracles started happening. First and best was the doctors who were assigned to her, suspended her chemotherapy session one day before the scheduled start because some senior doctors wanted to re-evaluate his case by presenting it to a higher doctor. The doctors met after a few days and decided to suspend chemotherapy for a month, and instead decided to run some more tests to investigate what is happening with her further. Finally, the test results came in, and then they decided against giving him any chemotherapy and instead put her under observation. Everyone was

surprised by this miracle. His Stage 3 cancer was now downgraded to Stage 1! Her medication went exceptionally well, and she gained back her health in very little time. Doctors were surprised, Her COVID test also came negative and she was shifted back to a normal room and then after a couple of weeks, we made her come home.
I know that it was the power of these mantras and the healing of Dr. Prriya ji’s Team. I am immensely thankful to Dr. Prriya Jain Ji for introducing us to such powerful mantras that not only heal our bodies but also our souls.

Family Member Got Recovered From COVID in spite of having side effects Of Surgery!

I seema Malhotra from Nagpur, my family member was tested COVID Positive in November of 2020. This was shocking because he had undergone surgery last month for a Brain Tumour. He only got an MRI done because he was feeling shortness of breath. The MRI revealed the infected nodules but the shortness of breath resolved itself in a few days and was not related to surgery side effects.

There weren’t many options and his doctor wanted him to start out-Oxygen and medications immediately. Taking it to side by side I contacted Dr. Prriya jain if she could do healing for him. As the doctor told us that immunity is very weak. His family also decided to take spiritual treatment. Prriya gave us the 45th shloka of Bhaktamar and did side by side with us also. There is no doubt regarding Bhaktamar.

With extreme support from Prriya Ji and Doctor, we kept a small speaker in the patient rooms to play Bhaktamar Stotra every day, also received healing from Dr. Prriya jain and Dr. Pradeep Jain every day. This has shown miraculous results as subsequent MRIs showed no increase in bad cells, and in fact a reduction in some areas. Today, he is fit and fine and living his normal life with his family.

We will be forever grateful to Annant World Team for helping at the right moment. This further highlights the power of the Bhaktamar Stotra and Healing.

I Adyansh from Punjabi Bagh, lost my job due to lockdown and corona. I came up listening about the power of Bhaktamar Stotra, I reached out to Pradeep Ji and he told me about the 19th shloka of Bhaktamar. I chanted the shloka as prescribed. For about 1 month more I didn’t get the job, but I didn’t lose my hope. Due to the blessings of God, I was hired by a company that needs staff for marketing. I thanked Sir for their help. For few weeks my life was going pretty good, l was doing work from home and giving my time to the family also. Then in January 2021, I got news my parents-in-law are COVID positive. My wife started crying after hearing this news. My wife’s brother-sisters were also going through a very tough time due to Covid and lockdown. My parents in law health were going to a downfall, their oxygen level reached 78. Again I took help from Pradeep Ji, who prescribes us to chant 45th shloka, I came to know about their healing procedure and immediately started that. We started chanting Bhaktamar as advised. I was having immense faith in Bhaktamar as due to this powerful stotra I got a new job opportunity. After 2 or 3 weeks their Oxygen level came in balance like it rises up to 87, this built a stronger hope inside of us. I and my family was continuously chanting Bhaktamar every day. It is Bhagwan Adinath’s grace that my parents-in-law are fit and fine. There are some side effects of medicine but I am sure that they will also get cured. I am now working. I really thank Pradeep Ji for showing me the power of Bhaktamar Stotra. the grace of Bhagwan Adinath Ji, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Namaskar, This side Megha, I am a jewelry merchant in Chicago. In the last couple of months, I got connected to Dr. Prriya Ji and the team through my various experiences. Not all but I have noted main experiences which have bolstered my faith in Bhaktamar Stotra & Reiki below:-
• My daughter was facing difficulties in getting a job in LA. She was frustrated and went into depression. I talked to Prriya Ji for some help she guided me to give her 6th and 19th shloka of Bhaktamar with utmost faith. She also recommended Horoscope. Prriya Ji and Pradeep Ji guided easy remedies which helped her overcome her problems After a month she went out of her situation, She overcomes all obstacles she was facing like Job, depression, education, etc. and is currently working in LA Happily.
• Bhaktamar Stotras are magical gateways to cure all diseases and I cannot agree anymore with it. In January 2021, My son-in-law was facing severe symptoms of COVID like Difficulty in breathing, low blood pulse, weakness, etc. He got his COVID Test done and the reports revealed that he was having an infection in the lungs and was COVID positive. We took him to Hospital, started his medication and all. After a week when we saw no changes in him then I remembered to call Prriya Ji, she said us to start chanting 45th shloka, she also recommended Emergency Distance Healing. After a week when the healing started, we noticed some results in him like his lung infection was reduces, oxygen was reduced from 20 ltr to 18 ltr, etc. She did path and healing for him 3 times a day, we used to listen to the path in the morning (According to IST). Around 3 months later when the test was repeated, reports said that COVID was negative, it was very good and relief news for us. This has been nothing short of a miracle for me.

Annant World & Bhaktamar truly bought miracles in my life.

Jai Jinendra
Seema Jain (Delhi)
Back in August 2020 end, I and my husband were tested positive. Eventually, our health deteriorated and we had to be admitted to the hospital. That is when our chase for life began. Doctors had given up. I contacted Dr. Priya for healing for my husband. I was connected to Dr. Prriya in 2018 at Shikhar Ji. I again got joined to them due to their free live sessions on YouTube/Zoom. They also conducted a Reiki seminar which was a wonderful experience as we got to learn something new. Unfortunately, my husband did not react to the first plasma therapy. The doctors asked us to arrange for an injection within 4 hours, which was, out of stock. Half of the pharmacies were closed because it was a Sunday evening. One hour before the doctors decided to give up, I called up Dr. Prriya. She comforted me enough and assured me of the healing. After the call, I again started calling the pharmacies and within 30 mins, I was able to arrange for the injection. She used to continuously be in touch with me and did Vidhan every morning where not only me, all the patients found it very soothing in the hospital which created a very positive atmosphere among us. My husband was given the injection and another plasma after which he showed a very speedy recovery. My husband was discharged directly from ICU. My other relatives were also admitted, but touch wood my husband has the fastest recovery. Before healing his condition was so much worse, I can’t even explain it. In the times when the doctors gave up, Dr. Priya kept the hope alive and her healings got me, my family, back within a week. Gratitude!

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Bharrathi from Chennai shares her experience of distance healing at Annant World. She was preparing for CA exams after marriage but was not able to do so because of lack of direction. She decided to focus on marriage and conceived a male child after 9years due to distance healing treatment. Later she started preparing for CA exams after failure of 2times and successfully cleared the exams with the healing sessions by Dr. Prriya Jain and Dr. Pradeep Jain.

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