Bhaktamar Stotra 45 – For curing incurable & threatful disease like cancer

I enclose Shloka Number 45 chanted in the above manner for your benefit and convenience. This shloka is the key of whole Bhaktamar and helps all people who are suffering from dreadful deadly diseases, and are deeply depressed, dejected, hopeless and feel that life is not worth living. In this shlok, Rishi Mantunga has expressed his total surrender to Lord Adinath, and achieved the pinnacle of devotion. Chanting of this shlok cures most fearsome incurable diseases like cancer, cardiac problems, high and low blood pressure, kidney dysfunction, liver disorders, neurological disorders like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other dementias, paralytic stroke, respiratory lung diseases, tuberculosis, psoriasis, leprosy and many others. This shlok not only heals us of our physical or mental diseases but also burns all our bad karmas of past lives. What is required is our deep devotion and surrender to Divine Will. By chanting this amazing shlok with beej mantras, all our problems and sufferings will be converted into solutions and joy and we will be able to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

The process is as follows:

  • Chant 27 times Shloka, 108 times Riddhi, 108 times Mantra facing North East Direction
  • Keep the Bhaktamar Copper Yantra in front of you & do the Abhishek of it. Afterwards drink the water else apply water on affected parts of body till abdominal part for 21 days
  • Wear Light colored clothes and leave salt for 21 days
  • The best time to chant is 4am- 7am in the morning

Reading and listening to this verse from the sacred heart receives the task and the desired result.

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