Vidhan Vidhi

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Bhaktamar Vidhan Vidhi at Annant World (Bhaktamar Clinic) by Dr. Prriya Jain & Dr. Pradeep Jain

Here we present to you the ultimate solution for all your problems by performing Bhaktamar Vidhaan.
Most of us face the problem about How to do Bhaktamar Vidhaan with right methodology?

Bhaktamar Vidhaan is the most sacred ritual to be performed for attaining peace, harmony, prosperity and healthy life.

View above video to know about the step by step process for doing Bhaktamar Vidhaan to eradicate all the problem for your life. Also,  share with your friends and relatives to get the merit of punya in your account.  SUBSCRIBE the channel Annant World to get updates about Bhaktamar related events, information and its glory.

Who can chant?

People who seek and are in need of healing or help can chant the shlokas and mantras themselves.
Caregivers, particularly family members and loved ones who desire to see their relatives/friends
healed or get help.

How to chant?

• After having identified your issue/concern/problem, think about it before you begin the
chanting of the relevant shloka and mantra connected with the issue.
• Keep the copper / gold platted yantra in front of you and concentrate on it while you chant.
Chant the shlokas and mantra from the book in front of you.
• Chant the shlokas 27 times along with the Mantra 108 times along with the Riddhi (108
times) continuously, till you feel it’s vibration within your being. These are just regular
figures for best results Chant as much as you can.
• Although, one can chant the mantra at anytime, we recommend to chant the mantras in the
morning hours between 4:00-7:00 am, as this time is proven to be the most effective for
• The cycle of chanting must be for 21 days continuously to get best results.
• In addition, having food without salt (Milk, Sugar, Wheat, etc) for minimum 21 days is
recommended for even better results. (Saltless food can be consumed by either the patient,
or the person chanting the mantras.)
• Do abhishek when chanting the shloka for 21 days.
• During chanting period wear white / yellow cloths. And sit East / North Facing.

Precaution: Women should avoid touching the book and yantras during their menstrual cycle.
However, one can chant in the mind, if learnt by heart. If the menstrual cycle falls during the time
period of chanting the shlokas, the chanting should be discontinued for those days and resumed
once the menstrual cycle is over.

इसे हिंदी में पढ़ें
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