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Faith is Sraddha. Faith is the greatest thing in the world. Even the highest rationality has faith as its background. One cannot ratiocinate on things in which he has no faith. Even the greatest philosopher has faith as his stronghold. No intellectualism can prove good if it is not supported by faith. The whole world stands on faith and is guided by faith. Religion has faith as its root.

One cannot prove God if he has no faith in God. God is only a matter of faith. This faith is the outcome of previous Samskaras. Certain men are born-philosophers and certain others do not grasp the fundamentals of religion even at the age of seventy. This is all due to past Samskaras or impressions. Faith is guided by impressions of actions done in the previous births and the present faith is nearer or farther from the Truth in accordance with the advancement made in spiritual evolution.

dr prriya jain

Blind faith should be turned into rational faith. Faith without understanding is blind faith. Bhakti is the development of faith. Jnana is the development of Bhakti. Faith leads to Final Experience. Whatever a person strongly believes in that he experiences, and that he becomes. The whole world is a product of faithful imagination. If you have no faith in the world, the world does not exist.
If you have no faith in sensual objects, they will not give you pleasure. If you have no faith in God, you never reach perfection. Wrong faith turns even existence into non-existence. One who thinks that Brahman does not exist, himself becomes non-existent, says the Taittiriyopanishad. Faith is the fundamental necessity for spiritual Sadhana.

Aspiration is a development of faith. It is one step ahead of faith. The flame of faith burns as the conflagration of spiritual aspiration for Moksha. The aspirant yearns to have divine experience. It is no more mere faith but strong feeling which cannot be easily shaken by external events. The devotee longs to have union with the Beloved. He has no sleep, no rest. He always contemplates on how to attain the object of his love. He prays, sings, and gets mad of his Lord. Divine madness overtakes the devotee and he completely loses his personality in the aspiration for attaining God. This is called self-surrender.

I am making a humble effort to share with you my realizations, through thoughts and worldly experiences. My attempt is to enable a human being to make his life a success by spending his time in the world blessed with the beauty of Nature.

From last Nine Years I had a dream to combine Faith with the spiritual depth of Sanskrit bhaktamar stotra to add meaning to my life. I have tried to express my effort of the First experience by writing this thesis.

My first teacher and mentor Dr. Sewaram Jaipuria ….With his inspiration I started reading about the Faith Books… Just reading the literature about the Faith and Bhaktamar …It had a Very deep impact on my mind that not only changed my way of Life but it also changed the path that I am following now. I have FAITH that this study will be of Benefit to the Society and to the researchers who were working on the Faith and spirituality of Bhaktamar.

I have always been fascinated By the mind Faith on their spiritual god and its capabilities to influence the Environment.

In 2006 I learnt from a close friend that four people can lift a person, each using two fore Fingers of their hands. When he demonstrated it, I was just Shocked. He asked me to participate along with him and I realized that even I could help to lift the person, than others also done…THIS IS FAITH.

All of us have this Innate Power of faith inside our minds to heal everything that has been ailing us, including all the factors of day to day life matters. Scientific studies are demonstrating that the chemical by product of thinking is found in every cell of the body and that the thoughts you think have a powerful effect on your immune system. This is a power of Faith. The greatest discovery of mankind is that a human being can change, alter or mould his life by altering his attitude through his trained mind. Your mind is so powerful that one can create any environment around you. In our day life we see the faith in our family members, children’s, friends that they can do anything for there loved once….without thinking anything…..That is faith power.

Power of Faith and Bhaktamar.
Dr. Prriya Jain

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