Bhaktamar Stotra 36 – Remove Vastu Dosh and activates the third eye

I share with you Shlok number 36 chanted in the above manner for your benefit. This is a very important shlok for all people involved in the trade of diamond, gold, silver, iron or any other metals. It is the most powerful shloka to remove Vastu Dosh and activates the third eye which is the seat of wisdom.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient and time-tested Indian technique. It is an aspect of architecture, which helps in making an effective layout for constructing buildings, homes, offices, schools, etc. Applying Vastu can make these buildings very congenial for living and working, as it invokes the special powers in the Universe, by harmonizing the laws of nature. It is said that a Vastu planned place or setting is bound to enhance your health, wealth, prosperity, success and happiness.

We have designed a beautiful painting of this shloka to remove the Vastu dosh of your house or office. This painting is made with love and pure intentions and portrays Lord Adinath walking on an array of 225 golden lotuses. It is said in the Shastras, that where God walks, an area of 300 kilometers is purified and blessed with abundance, good health and happiness. This is the essence that we have captured into this painting with the aspiration that all negativities in your surrounding area will be removed and your premises will be purified and perfected. This painting, when placed on the North-East Wall of your home, or even on the East or North walls, invokes positive energies no matter how many negative energies or doshas are there. Since it is not possible in readymade homes to alter or break the structure, this painting is a godsend boon.

Chanting of this shlok in the prescribed manner will help to achieve all desired results.

The process is as follows:

  • Chant 27 times Shloka, 108 times Riddhi, 108 times Mantra facing North East Direction
  • Keep the Bhaktamar Copper Yantra in front of you & do the Abhishek of it. Afterwards drink the water else apply water on affected parts of body till abdominal part for 21 days
  • Wear Light colored clothes and leave salt for 21 days
  • The best time to chant is 4am- 7am in the morning

Reading and listening to this verse from the sacred heart receives the task and the desired result.

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