The answer to this question lies in the effectiveness of Sanskrit as a language to effect the movement of the tongue in the mouth with respect to the hard palate, thereby touching the Brahma Kendra or the centre of activity.This effectively stimulates the cerebrum of the brain, which in turn activates the neurons. This controls the memory and finger movements. Such activation gives a child the much-needed grip for good handwriting.
It further:
a. Builds upthe self-confidence.
b. Sharpens the memory.
c. Makes a child optimistic by keeping him away from fear and despondency.
d. Guides the child to the right track.

Jainism is a religion, and not a separate sect, based on the ideology evolved by its founder, the first Jina (the spiritual victor or conqueror) i.e. TirthankarRishabhdev.
Jainism teaches us the way of living and thinking. Although it is not clear that, by what name it was known during Rishabhdevs’s period. i.e.either Manavdhama, Arhat Dharma, Vraty Dharma, Niganth Dharma or Sramana Dharma etc., but after its last i.e. twenty fourth Jina/Teerthankar Mahavir, the Arhat Dharma preached by him during the medieval period was recognized later on as Jain Dharma, which is still continuing, and the followers of its ideology are called Jains.

It may also be pointed out that Jain TirthankarRishabhadev was also known by the name of TirthankarAadinath. ‘Adi’ in Sanskrit means ‘first’. Thus, TirthankarRishabhadev or Aadinath period could be speculated between 29000 B.C. to 30000 B.C. and that he was the first man who paved way for the rest of the men to live a human life.

The word ‘Mantra means ‘tool of the mind’ or the language of human spirituality. This when repeated over a period of time, cause a ‘Shift’ in your consciousness.
As a result of this, you attract different results in your life whether that’s in terms of health, relationship or anything else. Your life is going to improve in all respects.

The firm faith thatGod only you can cure me. The belief in the system of self healing through connection within the divine by establishing a link with him. Once the link is established, a feeling of connectivity registers in our mind and our heart flows with divine energy. The Visualization of this divine energy in our consciousness will uplift us from materialistic world to spiritual sphere. Different form of Spiritual Healing are Pranic Healing and Reiki.

When we chant a mantra whole heartedly, it unifies us with our mind, body and soul. The vibrations of Mantra reach our nervous system and percolate to the various organs through motor nerves and the whole system give a feed back to the brain through sensory nerves that the body is rejuvenating. Each cell feels the vibration of mantra and thus mantra healing becomes effective.

These mantras have healing sounds which are interpreted by Scientist. Like;
• ‘Om’ is the manifestation of Divine. A symbol of infinity.
• ‘Hrim’ signifies siddhas- who have conquered themselves
• ‘Hram’ signifies Arihant those who have given up their negativity and have become neutral.
• ‘Hrum’ Signifies Acharyas who give demonstration by their life style – their practice.
• ‘Hraum’ who preach what they practice in real life.

Klim: Is symbol of peace
Aaim: Is a letter of knowledge and education.
Arham: Signifies all 24 Thirthankars and it is a link of inner self with divine
Shrim: Signifies worldly-Wealth and prosperity. That is why in Indian Culture ‘Shri’ is used before addressing name.
The mantra ends withNamah. When we do not offer anything materially Namah indicates religious deed is completed.
Swaha: Su means beautiful, aha means pleasure. Together it refers to that which is beautiful and pleasure giving.
In Sanskrit-Hindi Dictionary Swaha means “A surrender to Divine without any desire”. When we offer oblations or dhoop in fire pot then we pronounce Swaha at the end of Mantra.

Human Mind :90% of diseases have psychological root. Only communicable diseases & deficiency diseases have permanent cure. In chronic diseases the modern medicine has failed to find a cure. Attitudinal change is the need of the hour. Animals never go to doctors for cure, there is an in-built system given by God for curing. Only we have to realize this holistic medicine as an alternative therapy.

Jainism is one of the oldest living religions of India. It predates recorded history as per references indicated in Hindu scriptures. It is a religion of purely human origin. Jainism holds that the universe is without a beginning or an end, being everlasting and eternal and runs according to its own cosmic laws. The fundamental entities in the universe continuously undergo countless changes but no new entities are created nor any destroyed. The concept of a superhuman God as a creator, protector, and destroyer of the universe does not exist in Jainism. Spiritualism has been used for obtaining mental peace and tranquility, preventing evil thoughts and ensuring healthy life. Spiritual practices, yoga and meditation are now being increasingly accepted as techniques for preventing physical illnesses and for leading tension-free and healthy life.

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