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Our Bhaktamar clinic is a place where search for health and cure ends. Victory over incurable diseases and all problems is possible. We are the world’s first Bhaktamar clinic where healing of all type is done by chanting of Bhaktamar mantras. We have a dedicated team who is involved day and night for providing services globally.

We are World’s First Bhaktamar Clinic, where healing of all types is done by chanting of Bhaktamar Mantras. We have a dedicated team who provide services globally.

We have accomplished successful healings. Provided below are the case histories. The names and places have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

About Annant world – World’s First Bhaktamar Clinic

A Divine centre where all search for health & cure ends. Why we don’t fail is because lover never fails. At our clinic, we don’t read the diseases, rather we cure the true cause and your ignorance, and the diseases disappear on their own. Unlike the traditional methods of curing diseases where the physical presence is mandatory, we heal the individual from distance through Bhaktamar Healing wherein cure is possible even without face to face interaction.

As is said, “There is no need of a mirror to confirm bangles on one’s hand… let’s hear it…hear it ourselves.”

If we can create the disease, we can create health too. How? The answer lies within ourselves!!

If defying the Laws of Mother Nature and abnormal causes can ensure you definite diseases the normal right stimulus can also assure you define good health. Obey the Law and enjoy. Disobey the Law and suffer. There is no escape. The cause of the disease is in your abnormal lifestyle, wrong food habits, negative emotions, emotional stress, environmental toxins, Vastu defects, and past life karmas. Without remedying these causes, no disease can ever be cured.

We heal

•Every physical problem and insurable disease.
•Negative mind emotions, attitude, concept and complexes.
•All psychic attacks, black magic and planetary fears.
•Family dispute and relationship problems.
•Financial problems and poverty.
•Educational and career problem.
•Bad luck, failures, and sufferings.
•Problems arising due to your ignorance and superstition.

Our Method of Curing

•Distance Bhaktamar Healing
•Distance Reiki Healing
•Reiki & Natural Remedies
•Mantra Healing
•Aura Scanning

Services we offer

We provide vaastu services for residential and commercial establishments, Astrology Services and Numerology analysis.

We are also instrumental in providing Vaastu Shastra Consultancy to our clients from different corporate houses. You will experience an unprecedented slew of happiness, success, and harmony. Your business will blossom and so would your interpersonal relationships and family bonding. We provide suitably priced, effective and reliable vaastu, astrology, Reiki Mantra Healing and numerology consultancy services on matters related to health, wealth and harmony.

Vaastu Consultation Services

For Residential Properties: Ploys, Floors, Flats, Kothi, Farm-House, Bungalow, Haveli, Societies, Colonization, Guest Houses etc.

For Commercial Properties: Govt. Offices, Corporate Offices, Meeting Places, Shops, Showrooms, Malls, Restaurants, Banquet halls, Motels, Inns, Hotels, Hospital, Laboratories, Nursing home, Clinic, Educational Institutions, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Theaters and Cinemas, Sports Complex, Auditoriums, Stadium, Recreation Clubs, Apartments, Factory, Small-Medium-Large Industries, All types of Mills etc.

Map Analysis includes Conceptualization of Map, Interior-Planning, Color-Schemes etc..

Corporate Vaastu Consultancy: Implementation of vaastu principles without demolition Corporate logo analysis/designing as per vaastu & supervision for plants & office Consultancy for smooth production Consultancy for achieving sales target Turnkey services for existing/proposed projects.

Our Vaastu Correction Methods

Horoscope | Janm Patrika | Kundli

To know about Horoscope reading is a must. We provide the following services related to horoscope:

•Calculation of your Horoscope as per proved astrology principles.
•Detailed and accurate predictions with their remedial measures.
•Prediction for various astrological yogas.
•Calculations on the basis of specific question.
•Monthly and Annual Prediction.
•Calculation of Fortunate and Unfortunate Period of Life.
•Matrimonial Match.
•Muhurt for special purposes and day to day activities.

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