In the world Mantra the Root man=”to think” (in Greek “menos”, Latin “mens”) combines with the element tra, forming tool-world. Hence mantra is “tool for thinking”, creating a mental picture. The sound brings forth its content into reality immediately. Speech can be contradicted or evaded, but Mantra is a power, it does not talk but acts. The forms of divine life break forth from the seer as vision, from the singer as song, manifesting the priestly power. The Mantra is a symbol which is never degraded into a mere object of temporary utility. It could effect cure, mental tensions, insanity, insomnia. It could attract, repel, strike, kill, enliven, enslave, teach, liberate.

The theory of mantra is very deep and is not meant for the laymen. Modern sciences have been working on the effects of various types of sound physics, chemistry, biology and psychoanalysis. There have been investigations into the idea of creative sound , the theory of vibration cast into the Vaikhari, Madhya, Pasyanti and Para forms of languages leading to concrete and the subtlest spiritual forms.

The theorist has to go deep into the phonetic waves, phonetic symbols and the phonetic regions well engraved in the Mantra for learning the power of Varna Matrka. On the basis of pronunciation, comom unification and reception the phonetics may be classified into the articulatory, the acoustic and the auditory. For effecting a Mantrika effect the sound is effected through the complicated passage of the vocal organs: pharynx, gullet, larynx, glottis, vocal, epiglottis, nasal cavity, mouth cavity, uvula, gutter, soft palate, cerebrum, hard palate, alveola, and teeth. It can thus be imagined why the correct pronunciation is needed for power-effect of a mantra. The progenitors of the Sabda Brahma theory considered sphota as a form of sound which is eternal, creative and indivisible. In Jainism the theory of sound is worthy of attention. Vide J. C. Sikdar, Concept of Matter in Jaina Philosophy, Varanasi,1987).As the mantra has had power, it was kept a secret lest it might be misused . At present, one does not bother about what the mantra is and accepts it in blind faith of the priest. It had taken a religious shape. But, as the legend goes, the jaina had a specific study of the mantras etc, through their texts on the Vidyanuvada Purva, which were based on the scientific studies of the effects of light and sound. Today we hear of rays or color therapy. Various types of rays could be produced through scientific instruments, X-ray machine ,chrome disk, chrome lense, thermo lume, heaters, vapor lamps and so on . The ford founders have been given colors. Similarly in the Kundalini Chakras various types of colors have been given. Colors are also associated with the planetary influences. Similarly certain letters in form of sounds have harmony or disharmony with certain colors. The Kundalini Chakras also contain letters placed in the various Chakras. The effects of the colors have been found to be as follows:

Red: excitement of nerves, cures wounds, cold, aggression sex.
Orange: remove the body pain, creative, spiritual.
Yellow: tonic for heart and brain, confidence, new growth.
Green: eyesight, peace, compassion, diarrhoer, firm, calm.
Blue: stop itching, mental balance, pain, harmony, independence.
Sky-blue: digestive power, Tuberculosis.
Violet: asthma swelling, cures sleeplessness, oneness, unity.
White: cleansing, release, inspiration, new-growth.
Pink: healing, affection, emotions.
Black: freedom, independence, protective.
Grey: old wisdom, simplicity, (opalescence-wisdom attainment)

The colors have affinity with the birth dates also. cleansing, release, inspiration, new-growth.

The colors have affinity with the birth dates also.

 Born under Number

 Fortunate Colors

 1. SunAll shades of gold, yellow, bronze to golden brown
 2. MonAll Shades of green, cream, white
 3. JupiterMauve, violet, blue, crimson, rose
 4. UranusHalf shades, half-tones, electric blues, grey
 5. MercuryAll shades of light grey, white, glistening
 6. VenusAll shades of blue, rose, or pink
 7. NeptuneAll shades of green, pale shades, white, yellow
 8. SaturnAll shades of dark grey, black, dark blue, purple
 9. MarsAll shades of crimson, red, rose, tones, pink

The spiritual elements have also affinity with colors : Akasa-black; Agni-read; Vayu-green; Prthivi-yellow; Jala-white. The detail of Kundalini may be seen in the book ‘The Serpent power’ by Sir John Woodroffe, Madras, 1986. Thus the Mantras Sastra is in itself a mysterious study requiring further investigation in to reals of experimentation. (Vide also Foundation of Tibetan Mysticism by Lama Anagarika G., Bombay 1993. For Jaina Studies the book ‘Laghu Vidyan- uvada’ ma be consulted (loc.cit))

The adept, wishful for attainments has to be fully conversant with mantra, yantra/(mystic diagrams) and the tantra (asana, mudra, chantings, self-hypnosis, fearlessness, special dress, worship material and so on as instructed for space and time.) A guru is needed for a first time attempt, and restraint over all emotions etc. is needed. the purity of mind and heart is most essential. He should have full faith on the technique he is adopting. If he is devoid of love and malice (raga-dvesa) and does not wish to harm others, he is sure to get attainment as the process becomes justified and beneficial.

Now we give the traditional details of the various powers relating to the technique of the process for attainment. Non-violence is the for most conduct apart from non-pride, non-deceit truth, fullness, and non possession spirit. Restraint over the five senses ‘object is also most essential. Mind should be stable without choices. Body should be fresh with bath etc.

Sanskrit Letters and Their Powers Vowels

a – unity of soul, base of Om sound, eternal omnipresent, pure, enlightened power.

a – creator of intellect, eternity, power, wisdom, fame, wealth, fulfills desires, force of attraction, working universally

i – creator of fire see, wealth, action, easy work, peaceful power of nourishment.

i – creator of nectorseed, giver of knowledge, fulfills work, attracting, arresting, create shivering in body, pure, power of speech

u – miracle powers, disturb mind, easily bored, can use death, the essence of all powers.

u – root of attractive seeds, destructive power, the unbearable power of expulsion.

r – seed of fire, producer of all main seeds, root of goodness, perfection, secret wealth of mind and soul, fulfillment, disturbing agitation of mind.

r – announcer of truth, destroyer of speaking power, producer of seed of wealth, medium of self realization, hypnotic influence creating hatred

e – destroys obstacles, perfect, active, giver of strength, the purest.

– water seed, producer of positive electric current, strengthening, attractive, growth, fulfills difficult work, calls angel powers, the purest power of attracting all persons.

o – producer of Hrim sound, helper of all sounds ending in m, ever pure word God, giver of wealth, helper of hard work, destroyer of karma.

au –  killer, creates detachment, producer of many seeds, attractive, unconcerned, quick fulfiller of work.

am – seed of space, independently has no power, chief destroyer of karma, messenger of black hole, sponsor of soft powers, base of wealth seed, hypnotic influence on animals.

ah – main seed among peace seeds, no independent power, destroyer of death.

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