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On January 18, 2019, my life and my family’s life were turned upside down. I had some peculiar symptoms a couple weeks prior and after comprehensive blood tests, I was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. This was shocking because I have always been in decent health and just hearing the word cancer was devastating. I was immediately put on a chemotherapy regimen and checked into the hospital. For some reason though, there was a calmness in our minds. We didn’t panic, scream “Why me/us?”, or get depressed. With God’s bountiful blessings, we accepted the diagnosis and felt this was just a bump in the road and that we ultimately get through it. It was strange to not feel any fear in the face of such news, but we were genuine in our convictions and believed heavily in karmic theory.

As my first ever round of chemotherapy continued, we started counting our blessings: luckily I talked to my primary doctor because of my symptoms; a very close family friend is an oncologist at the same hospital; we never felt I had cancer, just that I was sick and would get better soon; an amazing support circle of family and friends that helped us in so many ways; encouraging messages and notes from around the world; great health insurance; understanding workplaces; a family friend already started our drugless-healing therapy through Annant World without our knowledge; and we were at one of the best hospitals in the area.

We had never heard of Annant World and had limited knowledge of the Bhaktamar Stotra at this time. Dr. Prriya Jain and her team called us every night (for us) on WhatsApp for a vidhaan session. This way we learned more about the Bhaktamar Stotra and its healing powers. With the power of this chanting and by changing our mindset, we entered a new spiritual journey towards recovery.

After the last dose of the first round, we waited 7-10 days and I had a bone marrow biopsy. The result of the biopsy was not good as the drugs failed to reduce the number of leukemic cells. I was very concerned but with faith and family support, I said to myself that whatever happens, happens for a reason, and to just stay strong.

I started a second, different, round of chemotherapy that night. This was a combination of 3 drugs that the doctors were sure would work. After completion and another biopsy, the news was grim again as the leukemic cells persisted. The doctors were shocked and worried and we entered a critical period of the disease. They had one more regimen of chemotherapy they could try and this one had recently been approved by the FDA. But the chances of it being successful were very low (approximately 10%). My doctor told me they would start this third round that night.

Hearing this news, we were very despondent and feared the worst. Before the third round started, we were very fortunate that we got to talk to Dr. Prriya Jain directly. Her words were both encouraging and eye-opening! She said, don’t think of the new drugs as killing bad cells; think of the drugs as working together with your good cells to bring harmony to the body. Basically, think of the drugs as amrit for the body and seek forgiveness from the cells in the body and every other organism in the universe, so they can calm down and function better. This was an eye-opening way of thinking for us and we fully immersed ourselves in the 17th, 33rd, and 45th shlokas of the Bhaktamar Stotra. I even downloaded the three audio files and created a playlist that continuously played these 3 shlokas throughout the day and night. She also recommended one of the family members give up salt for 21 days and my wife did that also. Her video calls, guided meditations, continuous chanting, and distance healing were immensely beneficial in uplifting our spirits and creating positive vibrations.

After the third round of chemotherapy and another bone marrow biopsy, we waited nervously for the results. The doctors had already said this was a long-shot; think hitting a sixer on the last ball of the last over to win a game. The situation was that critical.

But we were confident. We had fully surrendered ourselves to the Bhaktamar Stotra and knew that our prayers would be answered. The results of the biopsy finally came back and it was a smashing success! The level of leukemic cells went from 30-40% down to .06%, an amazing decline! Truly we were blessed with healing power from Lord Adinath and the Bhaktamar Stotra.

But my journey wasn’t over. This was just to get the disease under control so we could move onto step 2: a bone marrow transplant. I had spent two months in the hospital over the three regimens and biopsies and now I was finally allowed to go home for a few weeks before I would have to check into another hospital for the transplant. Those few weeks at home were great but we knew tough times were still ahead of us. However, our faith kept us grounded and positive.

I checked into the 2nd hospital and went through another round of chemo to eradicate my bone marrow. During this time, I prayed forgiveness to the cells we were killing and wished them well in their future lives. We kept the Bhaktamar Stotra playing continuously at night and prayed throughout the day and participated in the vidhaan every night.

Once my bone marrow was eradicated, I was given a transfusion of bone marrow cells from my donor, my sister. This was also a huge blessing as, without a viable donor, a transplant becomes much, much harder and more prone to failure. But my sister and I were a complete match for all major pointers and she was also more than eager to help me in any way she could. I never felt more fortunate in my life to be surrounded by such love and selflessness not just from her, but from my wife, mother, father, kids, family, and friends.

Before the transplant, we spoke to Dr. Prriya Jain again and she gave us another eye-opening perspective on this process. She said to welcome the cells into my body as if they were always a part of me and were just separated for a while. I was to greet them with open arms and I told my current cells to accept the new cells and work together with them to produce harmony in the body. Because of this perspective, we stayed very focused and positive and were not nervous or anxious.

Two weeks after the transplant, I was allowed to leave the hospital again. The doctors had initially planned on me staying longer, but all my reports were trending in the right direction and they were confident I could leave and just came back for lab work and checkups. About one month after the transplant, I had another biopsy.

This one was very important as well because it would determine if all this work was successful or not. The results for this one came back within a few days and was excellent! There was no sign of the disease and my cells were behaving like they were supposed to!

We still kept in touch with Dr. Prriya Jain for distance healing and her team and listened to the vidhaan every night. I wrote and spoke to my body and asked for forgiveness for any organism I hurt or disturbed in any previous and current life. We saw a real change in our thinking of life and the universe and how interconnected we all are. Sometimes I wondered why this happened to me; I will never got a definitive answer, but suffice to say, I must have hurt a large group of souls at some point and they happened to all manifest themselves into my life at this moment. But I was also given the opportunity to ask their forgiveness and also forgive anything that ever hurt me.

I was on the road to recovery at this point. My blood counts were fluctuating but that was to be expected. More importantly, I was slowly getting more energy, my eating was getting better, my skin was clearing up, and the side effects from all the drugs were wearing off. I still had one more biopsy at the three-month post-transplant mark.

Still, leading up to the 90-day post-transplant biopsy, my counts were starting to drop and fear and doubt were creeping in our minds. We still had faith but it was wavering. The period between the biopsy and preliminary results was another intense period for us. Finally, we met my doctor who very cheerfully said that everything looks great! Over the next few days, more reports came out and they were all excellent and showed great results. We were so happy and blessed again to pass another major milestone in this journey.

Overall, throughout this whole up and down journey, there were an immense number of blessings that we experienced each day from Adinath Bhagwan Ji. We know our success is purely because of believing and reciting the Bhaktamar Stotra each day, sometimes multiple times a day. Our whole family and extended families, including kids, have immense faith in the Bhaktamar Stotra now.

In fact, I would like to mention that one of our non-Jain friend’s fiancé was diagnosed with testicular cancer, lung cancer and cancer of the lymph nodes. They started chanting 45th and 17th shloka from the 1st day they found out about cancer. One of the testicles was removed very quickly and before they could start chemo for his lungs and lymph nodes, the doctors decided to do a biopsy again. After the biopsy was done, doctors told them that for some reason, it doesn’t seem like there is any cancer in the lungs or lymph nodes! This was an amazing turn of events, and with them being non-Jains, showed the power of the Bhaktamar Stotra transcends religious boundaries. They chanted continuously and with full devotion and the results were exceptional.

We are hugely thankful to the Bhaktamar Stotra & Dr. Prriya Jain, Dr. Pradeep Jain & their team, for their healing and support during this entire process. They made a very difficult situation much more tolerable and we are forever grateful to them! This has also changed our mentality and how we view the world. We are sure this shift in focus will successfully carry us through any challenges we face in the future and will help us help others get through tough circumstances as well.

Rishi and Aparna Jain

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