Power Of OM

Om is also called Pranava and is a name of god atharvasikhopanisada says that pranava is so called because through its repletion it makes all the pranas bow down unto paramatman who is the soul of all souls, it is so because the pronunciation of Om generates currents of Prana of flow up the susuman to Sahasrara, where they merge into paramatman. Similarly other names of God like Rama, hari, etc, whose letters are connected with susumna also serve the same purpose. The Arabic word, Allaha also satisfies the words god and khuda do not and therefore Allahahu is a mantra used by Mohammadans for repetition and serves them as a mantra but in the end they use Huh instead of hum. Visarga gives power and the nasal sound takes the mind into self, as Buddhists have it in ther mantra Om mani padama hum. It would appear that the term huh would give power whereas hum would bring Samadhi.

All words convey certain meanings and the pronunciation and utterances with certain accents have corresponding influence on the minds of both of those who utter and hear them. Similarly, mantras possess certain influences inherent in ther pronouncements and certain vibrations for good and evil. But mantras used for arousing Kundalini are specially so framed that send forth currents of prana to the requisite nervous channels, But the words of a mantra are simply physical converyances for the sakit to operate. Dea matter of paper and ink constituting the pages of a book cannot be expected to supply them with the requisite sakti. It is, therefore, essential to have such mantras spoken to directly by such persons who have themselves acquired that power. The mantras got from such persons are known as sakti, sampuritash mantras, i.e. mantras charged with the force of spirituality. Recitation of such mantras only posses the potentiatity of arousing in the recite the force of Kundlini, and spiritualize his whole being. There are many kinds of mantras and they possess powers of invoking certain occult powers. But when a mantra awakens Kundalin, it is said to have become chaitanya, i.e. with life.

Recitation of mantras is done loudly, siliently inaudible to other sand mentally, the last is the most effective. But to beginner the first of the most helpful, because its sound checks the outflux of mind to other objects and reverts his attention towards changing. Gradually the mind get trained to leave the support of sound and becomes engaged with the meaning. When sakti awakens the mind is taken hold of by Her and the person begins to drink deep of the peaceful influence cast upon by Her.

However, the Vedhamayee initation liberates one from the wordly bondage. The initated persons go up throuth the middle pth of Susuman to Siva having at once pierced the six chakras with the most subtle force of the Goddess Kundalini- an embodiment of superconsciousness itself, the power of siva incarnate.

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