Vaastu Dosh nivarak for South East (40th Shloka Painting) 3ft by 2ft



We have designed a beautiful painting (3ft by 2ft )which is helpful for people suffering with the ill effects of Rahu and Ketu . The painting is charged with such energies in a way that it helps in removing South west doshas of vaastu. Also it is very effective for people with Kal Sarp Dosh and is useful to nullify the effect of snake poison. The objects (mountains) and idols (Lord Parshvanath) depicted in the painting symbolizes flow of positive energy in the South West directions and thus opens up the blockages. Hanging of this painting in the South East direction of the house helps to solve court cases, legal problems, litigation and also heals liver and cancer problems.

Paintings sold are STRICTLY not refundable and not exchangeable

The frame is not included in any of our painting


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