Reiki Online Course

Annant world is coming up with the Reiki First and Second Degree Online Course. As a special bonus, Bhaktamar & Numeric Codes Healing will be taught free of cost. Now learn the powerful and divine science of Reiki from the comfort of your home.

REIKI is the most powerful Healing power that can boost your vital force & Immune System and protect you from all harmful viruses, bacteria, other non infectious diseases, and various negative forces.

Legends Dr. Pradeep Jain & Dr. Prriya Jain (Reiki Grand Master, Spiritual Healer, Motivational Speaker) will lead you on a journey to fantastic health, wealth & happiness.

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REIKI & BHAKTAMAR Sessions Details

6 Days session + Extra 3 sessions
Total 9 sessions
Date: 21st May 2023
Time: 08:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Venue: Zoom Cloud Meeting App

By Legends:- Dr Prriya Pradeep Jain who are Reiki Grand master, Spiritual Healer, Vaastu Expert, Astrologer

The Most Powerful Course to unlock your Reiki Healing and Bhaktamar.

Course Content

  • What is Reiki?
  • How was Reiki discovered?
  • Can Reiki heal physical problems?
  • Can Reiki heal mental or emotional problems?
  • Can Reiki be done at any time?
  • Is Reiki’s attunement necessary?
  • How to use Bhaktamar with Reiki?
  • What are numeric codes and how to use them with Reiki?
  • What is an aura and how to clear it?
  • How will I feel during a Reiki session?
  • Self-meditation techniques
  • Distance healing techniques
  • Pyramid usage in Reiki
  • Reiki symbols and their significance
  • Effects of Healing on water
  • Reiki sessions for all areas of life
  • Visualization of the meridian and chakra energy systems
  • Techniques to access intuition
  • Using Reiki as a healing and personal growth system
  • Understanding the history of Reiki and its evolution over time.
  • How to excel in your business/career?
  • How to have strong bonding with your Youngsters?
  • The Law of Harmonious Relationship
  • Law of Attraction
  • Power of Intuition
  • Power of Intention
  • Telepathy
  • Power of chakras

Drop all questions and design your life in your own way.

Special attraction

Energy Exchange 6000/-

Learn how to use Numeric code.
Know much more Numeric code.

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Reiki is a Japanese word for Cosmic healing energy. It is an antiquated type of Tibetan healing rediscovered in the last part of the 1800s by Dr. Mikao Usui (an Allopathic Physician and Surgeon) of Japan

It is an exceptionally strong type of healing that can be learned and practiced by anybody. Reiki (articulated as ‘rei-key’) is a sort of heavenly, pure, and positive energy that tracks down its source in the Supreme Consciousness and is fit for healing everything and anything that one can imagine. Reiki is one of the extraordinary gifts of God like Bhaktamar Stotra, Numeric Healing Codes, Switch Words, and so forth, which by virtue of its divine origin has been effectively rehearsed in the spiritual parts of life as well as known to offer the universe of medical science with results that are exciting, surprising and sensational.


Reiki is everlasting and wonderful heavenly gift presented to each individual which can be successfully used to heal self, others, and nearly everything in the universe. It doesn’t matter if it is close or far, be it plants, creatures, food, living, nonliving and so forth.

Reiki has a different level of being taught. It’s not like other normal healing procedures. Reiki is given by a Reiki Master to another student through a basic attunement process, where the energy centres of the student are opened, along with making a long-lasting connection between the heavenly Cosmos and the individual.

The process results in changing an ordinary individual into a strong healing source, increasing their psychic sensitivity, uplifting the natural mindfulness, extra-sensory insights, capacity to heal others, perceptiveness, and so forth. The healing makes the provider and the collector more ready, merciful and connected with the Highest Being. With time, practice, and dedication, this ability to ‘touch and heal’ improves, more stronger and successful.

4 Basic Rules Of Reiki

ATTRACT – Dream Career, Wealth, Abundance & Goal.

CURE – Diseases, Relationships, Problems, Psychic Attacks & ill-fate (Evil).

DEVELOP – Unshakeable Confidence, Personality, Mental & Psychic powers.

AWAKEN – Hidden Potential, Ultimate Truth (The Enlightenment) & the Divine Purpose of Life.


REIKI is not a form of psychic healing, mind control or a blind belief. All over the world several hospitals, doctors, surgeons & nurses are using Reiki healing as an alternative medicine.

Hundreds of Doctors & reputed surgeons have learnt Reiki & are practicing it successfully. Some of them are even Reiki Masters & are conducting Reiki workshops. Further, several reputed saints & spiritual masters also use Reiki.

In modern times, several amazing devices have been developed to sense and see invisible energies like Reiki, Aura, chakra, thought, soul, etc. Some of these are Kirlian photography, Aura Imaging System, PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography), DAS (Digital Aura Scanner), GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization), Radionics, Lecher Antenna, Energy scanners, Dowsing tools, etc. through which images of human aura, invisible energies of objects & environment can be measured, seen and analysed.

The Science of Aura

Every living & non-living being has luminous energy, known as ‘AURA’ or Electro Magnetic field, which is the sole source of protection from harmful bacteria, accidents, planetary effects, black magic, radiations, negative people, vastu & environment.

Your aura interacts every moment with people around you, objects & environment, negatively or positively making you unwell or healthy. Understand the complete science of Aura (Human Energy Field) how to see, sense, feel, scan, push, measure, empower & protect the aura. Learn how to become a powerful magnetic force to influence or attract everyone and anyone.

The Science of Chakra

Chakras are the seven energy vortexes on your subtle body that represents your seven hormonal glands. Your every physical, mental, emotional & spiritual action influence these chakras by expanding or depressing their functions thereby leading you to spiritual bliss or a miserable life, as the reaction/results may be.

Learn how to energize & keep balanced these chakras for ultimate fitness of body, mind & soul.



Beyond the realm of the physical world, another very powerful, unknown, unrecognized world exists in this universe, that is the world of subtle and the invisible.

Invisible is the root, visible is the manifestation. This is the world where time, space & distance disappear. Telepathy is the natural inherent quality of human beings, animals & birds. We have amazing power to transmit our thoughts, intentions & healing anywhere in the universe, may it be humans, objects, circumstances or environment. Learn how to heal from a distance influencing the objects, mind, circumstances, the future & the past karmas.

Power of Intention

Can you push a person just by your thought from 50-ft distance? YES, you can !! Your thoughts are strong forces of energy. Passion & emotions multiply their strength manifold & intention itself is the mantra. Intention is the magnet which attracts & drives all energies in the Universe. Energy follows the thought. Learn how to manipulate with the intention & Universal energies to achieve the desired success in life.

Power of Intuition – The Sixth Sense Universe is the source of all information, guidance, creative ideas, the past, the present & the future. Learn how to develop high sensibility (Extra-sensory Perception i.e. ESP) & an altered state of mind where we can communicate with the subtle world around us for the universal records to get the right guidance for healing, creation, prevention & success.

Law of Attraction

Manifest Dreams, Goals & Desires.Universe is a fertile land. It is an ocean of abundance. Your dreams, desires, thoughts and emotions are the seeds & the magnets. Learn how to throw seeds in the universe and attract anything and everything you dream. Learn the wonderful law of attraction and attract your destiny, circumstances and goals. Mental Cleansing A Re-birth experience!

Experience a highly effective meditation & healing session, to release all your deep-rooted emotions, mental blockages & physical problems. Come out from the debris of all mental & emotional blockages as a new & free person. A truly unforgettable rebirth experience!


Enlightenment to end all your sufferings. A flash of light (the Truth) can eliminate darkness of a thousand years. Dr. Prriya Pradeep Jain a Grand Reiki Master, Vaastu Expert, Astrologer will guide you to the art of becoming an awakened soul like the Mahavir in all spheres of life, in all spheres of life, in professional/commercial world, business, family & all your worldly affairs thus ending all your sufferings and stress forever. If you are truly ready to end all your sufferings, you are ready for the enlightenment.

Enlightenment is not to seek the God but to become the expression of God. Learn the most practical & the simplest laws of enlightenment.

Cure your loved ones through this magical therapy!

Reiki solely have enough strength to cure anybody and combined with Bhaktamar, Numeric Code, Switch words, etc this therapy becomes very-very powerful. Incurable problems like Cancer, Heart Attack, Brain related problems can be cured with this therapy. Dr. Prriya Pradeep Jain have cured lakhs of patients suffering from cancer, brain problems, heart problems. You can see our success stories on our website.

Excel in Education

Each youngster is naturally designed with a maximum capacity to bloom if he/she is not suppressed or modified as per our mentalities, dreams, and assumptions. Learn how to create a respectful & loving relationship with your youngsters, how to utilize the power of Reiki, Bhaktamar, Numeric Code, Switch words, Zibu Symbol, and so forth to improve focus, certainty, and achieve achievement. Figure out how to instill an inspirational perspective, greater dreams and healthy lifestyle for your youngsters.

Excel in your Business/ Career Through Bhaktamar 48 Shlokas

By understanding the law of energy, the power of attraction, and our limitless secret potential, we can climb to any height of success. Learn the science of making your own fate, conditions, circumstances & attract people, opportunities, innovative ideas, abundance, and goals according to your desire.The Law of Harmonious Relationship By Bhaktamar & Reiki

The more information we have about human psychology, the influence of parents, society, teachers, friends, past lives, the law of attraction & love, the more effectively we can develop a cherishing, merciful relationship with everybody, even our enemies!

The Law of Harmonious Relationship By Bhaktamar & Reiki

The more information we have about human psychology, the influence of parents, society, teachers, friends, past lives, the law of attraction & love, the more effectively we can develop a cherishing, merciful relationship with everybody, even our enemies!

Learn the law of attraction, abundance, love & live a heavenly life and get stunning outcomes in your day-to-day existence through Bhaktamar and Reiki.

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