Symbol of Meditation

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This interpretation is done with aid of scientific instruments,

The results are out of three major energy viz : cosmic, global and telluric this is having good cosmic energies

Energetic interpretation of this symbol:-
This is the symbol of Vrishabhadev! ( Adinatha) Jain legends depict him as having lived millions of years ago. He is also known as Adinaath which translates into “First (Adi) Lord ( naath ) Nabheya (son of Nabhi- means Brahma who came out from Vishnu naabhi to create Universe. This is the combined symbol of two elements – Air ( Vayu) element + Space ( Akash ) = Anahat chakra …these two elements  create Vaata in our body, whoever Vaata problem should mediate upon this symbol with kayotsarga ( impact of the earth gravity is less, hence more cosmic connection and feeling of lavitation) posture…  Kayotsarga (Sanskrit: कायोत्सर्ग, Jain Prakrit: काउस्सग्ग – Kautsarga) is a yogic posture which is an important part of the Jain meditation. It literally means “dismissing the body”.A tirthankara is represented either seated in yoga posture or standing in the kayotsarga posture.Kayotsarga means “to give up one’s physical comfort and body movements”,.

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